New Opportunities For Both Our Residential and Commercial Agents

President and COO of Coldwell Banker Premier Realty, Molly Hamrick, spoke earlier this year at the Coldwell Banker Leadership Summit in Boston about why she and her husband, Bob Hamrick, chose to open a separate commercial franchise, Coldwell Banker Commercial Premier, after 25 years of servicing investor clients from the residential firm. Here are three ways Molly leverages the new commercial brokerage to create opportunities for both of their residential and commercial brands:

Attracting Experienced Commercial Associates and Cultivating Resi-mmercial Agents

Molly has always emphasized the importance of building and maintaining relationships and calls this the foundation of the real estate industry. A long-time commercial colleague, Tom Naseef, approached Bob & Molly in 2019 about the desire for him and his team to return to the Coldwell Banker brand, encouraging them to open and operate the commercial franchise in Las Vegas. Once Molly officially planted the CBC flag in Southern Nevada, she was able to attract even more seasoned commercial agents. Most recently, Brad Brennan, restauranteur, joined Coldwell Banker Premier Realty as a resi-mmercial associate who will specialize in luxury residential and restaurant commercial real estate.

Substantially Increased the Commercial Footprint and Productivity