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Our Core Values Inspire Everything We Do

Why Join Our Sahara Campus?

Check out our reviews from other agents who joined our team

P. Zdaplotskin

Not greatOkayGood Great How did we do?

Coldwell Banker has a reputable name in the real estate industry, but my recent experience left something to be desired. I can't quite put my finger on it, but something just didn't sit right with me. It might be worth considering other options.

Mark Rink

Not greatOkayGood Great How did we do?

In my 20 years at Coldwell Banker, I've worked with many managers. But Dan is different. He thinks outside the box, bringing new and creative ideas to our business. This has helped us stay ahead in the ever-changing real estate market.

One thing that stands out about Dan is his focus on mindset coaching. He believes in growing both personally and professionally. He teaches us to see challenges as opportunities, making our team strong and forward-thinking.

In all my years here, I've never seen such a positive change in our office. Dan is not just a manager; he's a mentor and a coach. He's changing the way we do things in real estate. Working with him is truly a privilege.

Nancy Ann Call

Not greatOkayGood Great How did we do?

Working at Coldwell Banker Premier Realty has been the best career move I've made! The resources are FREE...We work as a Team...everyone is kind and helpful no secrets here!! Enough and plenty of clients to go around so why not share what you Certainly will get it here!!! So come join our Team we won't disappoint..

Nancy Wong

Not greatOkayGood Great How did we do?

From the moment I walked into this office, I felt right at home. The people at the Sahara Office of Coldwell Banker Premier Realty (CBPR) are top notch. They are friendly, helpful, professional, knowledgeable and fun loving. Whether you are a brand new agent or one with years of experience, you will enjoy continuous learning among a group of unique agents who are dedicated to their profession. The leadership is genuinely interested in helping you grow and reach your potential and the overall energy is incredibly positive and supportive. In short, I would highly recommend working at CBPR - Sahara!

Todd Lemoine

Not greatOkayGood Great How did we do?

CBPR is an amazing place to work. The positive environment, support and training are second to none. I highly recommend anyone that is either in real estate or thinking about getting into real estate to strongly consider joining the CBPR team.

Gary Egelin

Not greatOkayGood Great How did we do?

CBPR is everything I was looking for in a brokerage. The leadership, technology and training is fantastic. I also appreciate the great environment and culture here where everyone on the team supports one another. I feel very lucky to have chosen Coldwell Banker Premier Realty and would recommend it to everyone!

Jojo Adams

Not greatOkayGood Great How did we do?

Mary is a great asset to our company and I am so happy to have someone that cares about our success and pushes us to be better!!

Christine P

Not greatOkayGood Great How did we do?

I may have been biased coming to Sahara after working in their corporate office, but I knew 2 things coming into real estate. 1.) If I wanted to be successful in real estate I needed CBPR as my brokerage, and 2.) The culture of the Sahara Office (where the corporate campus is also conveniently located) cultivates really good agents. It truly felt like coming home, and it has not disappointed. If there is one thing that is obvious AND consistent between every leader, seasoned agent, and staff member here, it is that they want nothing more than for YOU to become successful and will provide you the tools, encouragement, literally all trainings from every facet, and support to get you there.

Christy Heil

Not greatOkayGood Great How did we do?

Joining Coldwell Banker Premier Realty Sahara Campus was one of the best decisions I have made for my business. I was looking for a place to grow professionally. The exceptional people, state-of-the-art tools and welcoming environment have all made my success possible.

Katie Spilotro

Not greatOkayGood Great How did we do?

Hands down, Coldwell Banker Premier Realty is the BEST full service Brokerage to be associated with in Las Vegas. The leadership, support, and resources for you to grow your business while providing five star service to your clients is second to none. Whether you are just beginning your Real Estate career or are a seasoned professional, aligning yourself with like minded people who share your goals is the best decision you could make.

Rick Aco

Not greatOkayGood Great How did we do?

I love this place! Once you step through the doors here at CBPR Sahara you know you are part of something special, the people, resources, education and environment is what I needed to learn the business and to help grow my business As a new agent I needed a lot of questions answered that I wasn't getting at the first brokerage I signed up with, the agents managers and support staff here want you to succeed and will take time to help you with whatever questions you may have!

Necia bunnell

Not greatOkayGood Great How did we do?

Choosing Coldwell Banker Premier Realty was the best decision I made as an agent. The education, tools, accountability and amazing support they provide is unmatched. They provide ALL the ingredients needed in making a successful real estate professional!

Meet Our Sahara Team!

The Sales Management team at our Sahara Campus provides training and coaching services and is here to help our agents plan for the success of their business.

Let us help you leave your mark.

Branch Manager

Mary Kullman

Branch Manager

Sales Manager

Mike Oliver

Sales Manager

Director of Sales Associate Services

Krissy Harold

Director of Sales Associate Services

Assistant Director of Sales Associate Services

Danielle Devine

Assistant Director of Sales Associate Services

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Hear why our Sahara Campus is an extraordinary home for real estate agents. from Chairman and CEO, Bob Hamrick.

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