Leave Your Mark | Coldwell Banker Premier Realty Marketing

When you join Coldwell Banker Premier Realty, you are joining the number one team in Southern Nevada. Our approach to leadership is at the heart of our company culture. The CBPR leadership team is dedicated to empowering sales associates to leave their mark on the real estate world.

Jill Alegre has been guiding families home in Las Vegas since 2011. Jill has been consistently ranked as one of the Top-35 agents in our brokerage, and at Coldwell Banker Premier Realty, we’ve proven that the best get better. In 2019, Jill had a 50% increase in GCI. This month, we are highlighting Jill’s success and identifying how she leveraged the recourses offered by our marketing team to help grow her business.


CBPR: What did you do differently in 2019 that led to your CGI growth this year?

Jill: “Since starting with CB in 2001, I have always farmed a neighborhood, but when I would get busy, I would unintentionally let months go by with contacting those residents. This year, I joined CBPR’s Own the Hood program which is managed by the marketing department. Not only do they create postcards with interesting content, but they ensure my cards are mailed at the same time month after month. This consistency keeps me top-of-mind as the neighborhood expert.

Through the Own the Hood program, I have successfully taken four listings over $700,000 on one street, and I currently have two properties over $1.2 Million in the same neighborhood. This program has paid off. “

CBPR: That’s amazing! Since taking these listings, I know you have been invited to join our Global Luxury Collective. How has the marketing department assisted you with luxury marketing?

Jill: The marketing department offers fantastic customer service, and their high-end luxury marketing suite is extremely beneficial. Being able to tell my sellers that they have an entire marketing team on their side is huge. When I take samples of luxur