REALTOR® Safety Month

September is REALTOR® safety month, which was established by the National Association of REALTORS® to raise awareness of the risks associated with working as a real estate agent. Safety month is also designed to empower agents to take the necessary steps to reduce safety incidents by developing a safety strategy that makes sense for them. In the first of a series of blogs about REALTOR® safety, we'll look at three things you should do when you first start your business.

Open House Safety

Our agents and leadership collaborate in many facets of the business so that we can all learn and grow together. A common way for new sales associates to start getting their own business is to host open houses for the listings of more experienced agents. We encourage our new agents to host events with an accountability partner who will not only help you grow and remain on track, but will also give you safety in numbers when conducting an open house. More open house advice from the National Association of REALTORS® can be found by clicking here.

Know Who You're Meeting

You should never meet a new client in the field for the first time, whether they are a result of an open house, an online search, or a referral. New clients should come to your office for the first meeting, where they will fill out paperwork and show their ID. In addition, every new lead you receive should be entered into our CRM. The system automatically connects all of their social media pages to their name and email address, so you can look through their online profiles for any warning signs.

Take a Self-Defense Class

It is wiser to be prepared for the unexpected than to believe that it will "never happen to you." Taking the precautions listed above will lower your risk, but taking a self-defense class will empower you even more. The difficulty is that learning the motions isn't enough to keep you safe; you also need to practice to build muscle memory. Take a monthly session to compliment any workout schedule you may have, and bringing a fellow agent with you can make it more fun! We'll be posting more advice throughout the month.

Do you already have a safety plan in place as an agent? What are your best suggestions for a new agent?

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