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Riding the Wave of Social Media Trends in Real Estate (2023)

Social media trends in real estate
Social media trends in real estate

Unleash the power of 'Edutainment' on Your Real Estate Business Page.

As a real estate agent, keeping up with social media can be overwhelming. So many formats and content options end up being a blind bet on which option is right for your goal. However, some prominent trends are transforming the way the industry presents itself. In this blog, we will review the key social media trends in real estate that will persist through 2023 and that you should be using in your business. We'll explore how to use them to create engaging and entertaining content, which will strategically boost your online presence. Join us as we embark on this journey, riding the wave of social media trends.

Social media trend #1: Short-form video

Short-form videos are the true fusion of education and entertainment. These concise video gems, spanning just 15 to 30 seconds, can be used to highlight key property features, share buying or selling tips or provide local insights. If you can capture your audience's attention with a good hook, it will help you demonstrate your expertise, engage new clients and keep your current followers interested in your services.

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Seems complicated? It doesn't have to be. It's easy to refine an idea into short-form video content. Begin by recording your voice as you freely discuss a topic you're knowledgeable about. Remember, everything is more appealing with examples. Put aside overly technical jargon and turn to everyday situations. Listen to the audio and identify parts that can be simplified even further, keep in mind your audience. After a couple of tweaks, you'll have the initial script for your video.

Don’t forget that a couple of props can help illustrate situations more effectively. Equally important is selecting the right social media platforms. For example, TikTok is great to approach first-time home buyers, as LinkedIn is excellent for connecting with professionals and showcasing your expertise. When it's time to publish your video, remember to include hashtags and incorporate popular audio or song to enhance visibility. And there you have it, your first edutainment video, primed to captivate new audiences.

Trend # 2: Go live to discuss real estate trends

From giving tours of properties, to answering questions from viewers, live video has emerged as a powerful and engaging social media trend for real estate agents. It offers a unique opportunity to connect with audiences in real-time, foster authenticity, and dynamically showcase properties and expertise.

But maybe the most underrated perk of live streaming is to humanize our brand, showcasing the person behind the listings. This transparency helps build trust and credibility, which are crucial in this industry. You can walk viewers through properties, answering questions and addressing concerns as they come up. Also, you can discuss market trends, offer tips for buyers and sellers, and provide advice on various aspects, positioning you as a go-to source of information in the market.

Live videos will become your best tool to guide viewers through properties, but their usefulness goes further. Here are some scenarios where you could take advantage of live videos:

  • Q&A sessions.

  • Market trend discussions.

  • Offer tips for buyers and sellers.

  • Virtual Open Houses.

  • Neighborhood Spotlights.

  • Special Events.

  • Behind-the-Scenes Tours.

To leverage live videos effectively as a real estate agent, consider these tips:

  • Promote your live sessions in advance by giving information about what you will show.

  • Answer comments and questions in real-time to create a two-way conversation.

  • Save the live video for later viewing so that those who missed it can still benefit.

Trend #3: User-Generated Content

Imagine this: you have a satisfied client who just closed a deal with your guidance. Encouraging them to share their experience and insights can be an asset. UGC refers to content created and shared by individuals rather than you. These firsthand accounts add an authentic layer to your professional image, establishing trust and credibility.

The idea here involves inviting clients to post their stories on various social platforms. These testimonials are more than just words; they showcase the tangible impact you've made on your real estate journey.

Social media trends in real estate
Social media trends in real estate

What's more, interactive campaigns can be launched, prompting clients to share their property transformation stories or personal anecdotes. This isn't just about spotlighting your clients; it's about creating connections that resonate with potential clients, fostering a sense of relatability.

We'll give you some UGC ideas that you'll like:

  • Creating video contests

  • Asking for selfies

  • Requesting reviews

  • Creating a branded hashtag

  • Guest blog posts


In the ever-evolving realm of real estate and social media, embracing trends like short videos, live streams, and user-generated content can be transformative. Craft content that seamlessly educates and entertains, leveraging the power of storytelling and relatability. Remember, the key lies in shareability; each engaging piece you create has the potential to extend your brand's reach exponentially. As you continue riding the wave of these trends, you're not just presenting properties; you're establishing connections, building trust, and solidifying your position as a go-to authority in the dynamic landscape of real estate.

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