Read This Before You Think About Letting Your Real Estate License Expire

Nevada saw a 7% rise in new licensees in January 2022. This was primarily caused by individuals seeking to leave the hospitality and tourism industries in order to launch an essential business of their own. In the past year, we have collaborated with Key Realty School to help new agents grasp the necessary elements of building a strong foundation for their businesses in an effort to reduce the 85% of new agents who leave the industry within the first five years.

Agents may choose to let their licenses lapse or expire for a variety of reasons, including:

  • You have decided to change careers

  • You want to go back to school

  • You can no longer afford the MLS fees

  • You have decided to return to your previous field of employment

  • You want to retire or relocate to a new city

If any of the reasons listed above apply to you, the Premier Referral Network is a low-cost option that allows your license to work for you while avoiding the stress and costs of running a