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Inside the Coldwell Banker Podcast | #CBWomen Series Featuring Molly Hamrick

At Coldwell Banker Premier Realty, the goal of our leadership team is to provide the highest level of service while empowering and inspiring agents to leave their own mark on Las Vegas Real Estate. A great example of our strong leadership team can be found on the most recent installment of #CBWomen on the Coldwell Banker Leave Your Mark Podcast. Featuring President and COO, Molly Hamrick.

#CBWomen Episode 5 | Molly Hamrick

After being recognized in 2018, and again in 2019 as a Women’s Choice Award winner, Coldwell Banker started the #CBWomen series focused on shining a spotlight on women who are leading in their company, business, or community while inspiring other women to find their path to leadership.


In this episode of the podcast, host Carla Hayes interviews our very own Molly Kay Hamrick, President and COO of Coldwell Banker Premier Realty. With nearly 30 years of experience in real estate, Molly is internationally recognized as one of the leading women in the industry and played a key role in helping CBPR become one of the top-25 Coldwell Banker companies in the country and the number three ranked woman-owned Coldwell Banker franchise in the United States by units closed.

5 Podcast take-a-ways

Throughout the episode, Molly shares a lot of great information that men and women alike can apply to their business and leadership aspirations. Below are 5 highlights from the podcast. If you want to learn more about any of the following topics, we encourage you to add this episode to your morning podcast playlist.

  1. The importance of exposing yourself to positive mentors and leaders in different fields.

  2. How to negotiate a win.

  3. Using a mindset shift to overcome obstacles.

  4. How to conquer work/life balance.

  5. How to prepare for any business situation and earn your seat at the table.

How to listen

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