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Happy Accident Leads to Home Sale

Ask any real estate agent in Las Vegas, and they are sure to have a few unbelievable, jaw-dropping stories about things they have experienced while in the real estate business whether it’s an outrageous client request or a difficult and grueling transaction. But from time to time, we get to appreciate how a series of small events, even coincidences, can lead to a very positive outcome. This is a story of how losing her wallet led Vickie Andrews to close her first real estate transaction.

Vickie Andrews joined Coldwell Banker Premier Realty as a brand-new agent in November 2021. In early February, she had just completed an afternoon of door-knocking to promote an upcoming open house before heading to the other side of town for an appointment.

When she arrived at her destination, she realized she did not have her wallet and concluded it must have fallen out of her bag while she was door-knocking. More than just the inconvenience of having to cancel credit cards and replace identification, Vickie remembered her wedding band had also been in her wallet.

Racing back to the neighborhood, her phone rang with good news. A homeowner found her wallet and got her number off the flyer she left behind. Vickie was filled with relief and profusely thanked the heroine on the other end of the line who said her name was Angela Hutchins.

“What’s funny is that I am a Coldwell Banker agent, too!” said Hutchins. “What are the odds?”

What are the odds, indeed! Vickie was able to retrieve her wallet, with her wedding band inside, without issue and was in awe of the pure coincidence that the person who found it was also a sales professional with Coldwell Banker Premier Realty.

Two weeks later, Vickie saw that Angela had a listing back on the market and called to offer to hold it open for her that weekend. She said she couldn’t believe the home had fallen out of escrow with the previous buyer.

"I was surprised that this home had fallen out of escrow with the prior buyer. I was confident that if I hosted an open house, she would find a buyer who adored the house as much as I did." - Vicki Andrews

And she was right! The home was purchased by the first people who walked into the open house that day which was a young couple with their five-month-old baby who did not have a REALTOR®. Vickie wrote her first offer that day and handed her clients the keys to their new home 30-days later.

“I was so excited to work with Vickie on her first deal and automatically felt comfortable because I knew she was with Coldwell Banker. I knew she would be coached properly and had all the support she needed from her leadership team.” - Angela Hutchins

It was as if all the stars aligned and everyone involved received an outstanding outcome.

“Losing my wallet turned out to be a very good thing,” said Andrews. “It’s what officially started my career and now I have my fourth deal in escrow.”

If you’re intrigued by happy coincidences and the high energy of Coldwell Banker Premier Realty, we invite you to attend one of our next in-person sales meetings from April 19th to 21st. We also hold three virtual meetings a month. View event details or RSVP here.

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