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Business Planning and Time Management September 2024

30 Hour Post Licensing Course Session 9 Module C

About the Course


  • Determine what methods of prospecting you plan to do

  • Create your personal business plan

  • Have an increased awareness of the value of time and money

  • Understand how to build and work a database for business

  • Have a system for planning and control in carrying out your daily activities and goals

  • Understand your most important priorities in your daily activities

Mike Oliver

Your Instructor

Mike is the Sales Manager for our Sahara Campus and helps manage and train agents through daily activities and transactional situations.

Throughout the week he teaches classes on contracts, presenting, contract negotiation, best practices and the latest tools offered to real estate agents. He also offers shadowing opportunities in his own business and conducts one on one coaching for 40 agents including business planning, schedule, and passive/active income producing activities.

Mike has represented buyers and sellers for residential and commercial properties on over 400 transactions and is an REO listing agent for several institutions.


Click on the tabs below to download your specific class materials, review what courses are needed to renew your licesnce and discover more learning sessions available to you on 

Save our course PDF ahead of time and bring it with you to the session. 

Business Planning and Time Management Student Handout

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